We Weren’t The Highest Bidders, But Our Home Offer Letter Helped Us Get The House Anyway

Posted by Donna Felkner // May 29, 2017

When the home they loved was above their budget, this couple wrote an offer letter — and walked away with a win. After renting in Los Angeles, CA, for eight years, Jessica Arana and her husband, Nathan Stubley, decided it was time to put their money toward a mortgage. “We saw a few of our […]

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Ways To Cut Household Expenses And Save Money Each Month

Posted by Donna Felkner // May 22, 2017

The key to saving money is knowing where to trim your budget. Paying bills is never fun, but it’s even less exciting when monthly expenses leave you eating noodles for the last few days before every payday. But you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice the lifestyle you want to live in an apartment or home […]

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7 High-Impact Home Improvement Projects You Can Do for $10K or Less

Posted by Donna Felkner // May 15, 2017

You don’t have to spend a lot to make these valuable home improvements. With so much emphasis on buying and selling homes — the truth is that for most of your life as a real estate consumer, you’ll be a homeowner. And because your home is so much more than a transaction, spending some portion […]

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Would You Buy These Fixer-Upper Homes?

Posted by Donna Felkner // May 1, 2017

Affordably priced with good bones and locations to match, these seven could-be dream homes have the potential to be amazing. Hear that? That’s the sound of opportunity knocking, and it’s at your doorstep in the form of fixer-uppers for sale. Priced as low as $54 per square foot and representing awesome locations — from the […]

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13 Ways To Spend Your Tax Refund On Home Improvements

Posted by Donna Felkner // April 24, 2017

Your tax refund feels like found money, doesn’t it? Here’s how to use it to spruce up your living space. April brings many lovely things: warmer temperatures, flowers beginning to bloom, and hopefully a check from Uncle Sam once you’ve filed your taxes. It’s enough to make you giddy with possibilities — no matter the […]

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What You Need To Know About Buying A Home This Spring

Posted by Donna Felkner // April 17, 2017

Low inventory in many markets combined with higher prices and rising interest rates can make buying a home challenging, but not impossible. Blooming flowers and warmer temperatures don’t just mark the start of allergy season. Spring is also peak season for real estate sales. If you’re thinking of buying a home this year, you’re probably […]

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100 Years Of Homes! Tour A House For Sale From Every Decade

Posted by Donna Felkner // February 17, 2017

These homes, built from the early 1900s to this year, are all seeking new owners. Take a field trip to your hometown’s historic district and stroll the sidewalk. Blur the cars out of focus, and it’s not hard to imagine what life looked like in decades and centuries past. It’s proof you don’t have to […]

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How To Find An Affordable Neighborhood

Posted by Donna Felkner // February 15, 2017

Trulia Maps offers a wealth of information on low-cost areas across the country. Find out all you need to know. There’s more to consider when buying a house than the house itself. The neighborhood can be equally, if not more, important. You might already have must-haves in mind for the type of property you’ll buy […]

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Neighborhood Features To Look For If You’re Starting A Family

Posted by Donna Felkner // February 13, 2017

An area geared to young professionals differs greatly from a family-friendly neighborhood. Learn what to look for when you’re starting a family. You still love that darling little home for sale in Alexandria, VA, you were so lucky to snag, the one that sits right in the middle of all the action. But now it’s […]

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New To Budgeting? Try The 50-20-30 Rule

Posted by Donna Felkner // February 10, 2017

Budgeting isn’t always as complicated as it may seem — this simple formula makes it easy to allocate your money each month. If you’re new to budgeting, figuring out how to manage your money each month can feel overwhelming. Not only do you need to organize, but you also have to make difficult decisions about […]

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