Is It Safe To Buy Your First House Now?

Posted by Donna Felkner // November 30, 2016

Take a look at the numbers and see why there are very compelling reasons to choose a mortgage payment over a rent payment. With rental deposits significantly lower than most down payments — not to mention the costs of maintenance and upkeep to consider — the rent vs. buy equation can seem like a tough […]

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11 Fall Maintenance Tasks to Do This Weekend

Posted by Donna Felkner // November 12, 2016

Scents of pumpkin spice lattes and warm apple cider have started to fill the air, sweaters populate the fronts of closets, and trees prepare to unveil the full extent of their beauty by changing leaf colors from green to vibrant hues. But before you cozy up with a fleece blanket and your favorite horror film, […]

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3 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Painting Projects

Posted by Donna Felkner // November 9, 2016

Painting projects are a fantastic and easy way to update and refresh the look of your home. If you’re hoping to economize on your upcoming painting projects, here are some easy and painless ways to do it. Use mistints Every store that sells paint has mistints — paints that the store mixed to a specific color for […]

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Capture Craftsman Style in Your Home

Posted by Donna Felkner // November 7, 2016

The craftsman style evolved from the English Arts & Crafts movement, which was a natural turning point from the overly formal and perhaps stifling Victorian era. When brought to the United States, it became known as the “craftsman” style, and the movement’s theme was “honesty of design.” That honesty comes from hand-hewn items, fine workmanship, […]

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8 Surprising Factors That Can Affect Your Home’s Value

Posted by Donna Felkner // October 5, 2016

Besides the obvious factors, there are some quirky elements that can affect your home’s value. Find out what they are. Surprise! You might know more about real estate than you think. For example, you know that square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, lot size, and location determine home value: A 4,000-square-foot, five-bed, five-bath beachfront […]

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13 Amazing Homes For Sale Right Now Under $250k

Posted by Donna Felkner // September 28, 2016

Priced as low as $77 per square foot, these 13 gorgeous homes blur the line between pipe dream and reality. If you’re like many Americans, the phrase “dream home” brings to mind visions of designer finishes, cutting-edge appliances, spare bedrooms, and other niceties typically associated with real estate listed in the seven figures. Then again, […]

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4 Ways To Give Yourself A Raise

Posted by Donna Felkner // September 24, 2016

You don’t need to wait on your boss to decide you can have a raise. Take control of your financial situation by using these tips to create more cash flow in your monthly budget. You work hard, prep for big meetings, and even go the extra mile to sharpen your job skills. But a pay […]

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10 Essential Skills Every New Homeowner Should Have

Posted by Donna Felkner // September 23, 2016

Don’t let clogged gutters or a running toilet put a damper on your new-home high. Ah, the joys of homeownership — you can paint the walls any color you choose, let Fido run free in your backyard, and finally leave your bike outside your side door, without getting a citation from your property-management company. There […]

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8 Small Design Tricks To Get Your House Ready For Fall

Posted by Donna Felkner // September 21, 2016

Just like your wardrobe, your home should also transition with the seasons. It’s getting dark earlier, pumpkin-spice everything is hitting store shelves, and you’re thinking twice about wearing white pants. It can only mean one thing: Fall is imminent. While it’s always sad to see the lazy days of summer come to an end, autumn […]

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4 Tricks To Help You Spend Less, Save More

Posted by Donna Felkner // September 19, 2016

If saving is what you’re after, spending is what you’ll need to focus on. Even for the most disciplined, frugal, and budget-conscious, achieving a big savings goal is rarely just a walk in the park. The path to reaching that coveted end goal is filled with distractions and spending temptations that are challenging to wrestle […]

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